Workshop on PDEs: Modelling,
Analysis and Numerical Simulation


Granada, January 8-16


Arriving to the hotel

There is information on how to get to the institute from Málaga airport or from Granada airport at the website of the Mathematics Institute. The hotels are close to the institute so you may follow those indications. Anyway, we point out that from Granada airport there is an inexpensive bus service that stops at the door of hotel Abba, and opposite hotel Condor on its next stop (ask the driver for the stop of your hotel). Tickets are sold on the bus. If you take a taxi from Granada airport to any of the hotels, the price should be about 29 euro, depending on the destination, and it is a fixed fare: the taxi driver will not use the meter on the route Airport-Granada (but they will use the meter if you take a taxi from Granada to the airport -- different rules apply when going back). 


Hotels in the city center are reasonably close to the workshop venue (at most 15-20 minutes walk). Some good hotels which are closer to the workshop venue are the following:

 You can see below how to get to the venue (IEMath-GR) from each hotel.


Internet connection

You can connect to the university wifi in all university buildings (including the Institute) via Eduroam. This needs to be configured by your home institution. Please check with your IT services beforehand. Alternatively, we will also provide a temporary username and password for connecting to the university wifi network.

Some suggestions of nearby restaurants

We have prepared a map with some suggestions of nearby restaurants. Anyway, the area has a lot of bars and there are many options within a 5-10 minute walk from the Institute.